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auto [aw-toh] (prefix)

by oneself or on one's own.

mobility [moh-bil-i-tee] (noun)

the quality or state of being mobile;  the ability or capacity to move.


Automobility Driver Rehabilitation is an independent driver rehab provider based in Grand Rapids, serving clients from all over Michigan. As an occupational therapy-based program, our mission is to promote mobility and independence in the community. Our primary goal is to help each of our clients be as independent as possible. With each client, we perform an individualized evaluation and work collaboratively to set meaningful goals. Please browse the site for more information and contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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Wide Range of Ages & Abilities

Our clients represent all stages of life: from the young adult who needs to drive to work or to class, to the senior who needs to shop for groceries or meet up with friends for a coffee date. We offer individualized services to address a range of medical conditions and needs. If adaptive equipment or vehicle modifications are needed, we have the  expertise to help select the best options for you. Check out our services page to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one.



A clinical occupational therapy screening followed by a behind-the-wheel evaluation.


A driving safety assessment tailored to the unique goals and needs of older drivers.

Evaluation and training with adaptive equipment selected based on individual needs.


An assessment of vehicle modification needs for accessibility with a mobility device.

Evaluation and training with a bioptic telescopic lens for certain drivers with visual acuity impairment.

A clinical occupational therapy evaluation to help determine next steps for aspiring drivers

It would be an honor to help you reach your goals




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